Crash Course Balboa

Onsdag 13. februar kl.18:00-19:15
Asylplassen 2
Did you miss the course start this semester? No worries at all, the upcoming Wednesday you have a chance to catch up, or just come and see if Balboa is something for you! Everybody is welcome, and no previous dancing experience required. Bring your friends or your special one with you and join us! :) You are also very welcome to come alone, since no partner is required.  Don’t know what Balboa is? The Balboa is a swing dance that originated in Southern California during the 1920s.  Check it out here:  During the course on Wednesdays (that will follow after the crash course) you will learn the basic steps in both purebal and balswing as well as several variations. The main focus of the course is that you enjoy the dance and to prepare you for dancing on the social dancefloor anywhere in the world!  If you have tried or are actively dancing other types of swing, you will notice that Balboa brings a whole new dimension to your feeling of connection to your partner – something that will come handy no matter what other kinds of couple dances you do.  The crash course starts at 18:00 at Asylbarnehagen,and is for free! We also invite you to stay for the class right after!  Welcome!!