Lørdag 18. oktober kl.22:00
Visningsrommet USF
28 skal
We are happy to be a part of Oktoberdans, and have put together a nice program consisting of video works and music - you do the dancing! Welcome to Visningsrommet / Oktobar from 22! Program: * "Winners Of Loss - Nr.4 The System" by Hans Christian van Nijkerk, second video in the Winners Of Loss series * "You did good" video by Ina Porselius * SKRAP - an aesthetic scrap heap of nice musical ideas - & visuals More about the program: Winners of Loss - Nr. 4 depicts a track and field youth competition at Fana Stadium, but the motives deviate from what is normally considered important. Instead of the athletes we are shown details such as the food being sold by the track (chocolate cake, waffles, hot dogs, coffee and soda), senior citizen volunteers raking the sand after each long jump and the officials flipping the number plates of the throwing and jumping exercises. Camera, post-production editing and sound design: Hans Christian van Nijkerk. Thanks to: The organizers of Bergenslekene. Supported by: the Norwegian state grant for newly graduated artists ("Statens diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere") http://www.kerkart.com/ * "You did good" video by Ina Porselius; She's a hard working woman, a nurse from a working-class family. In her spare time she often sits under the fan in the kitchen, smoking and drinking wine from a box. She talks about life, the past and how everything will turn out. On the outside she seems to be quite tough, but laughter and tears are always very close. * SKRAP started over six years ago, when Anja Lauvdal and Heida Johannesdottir Mobeck involuntarily got locked inside a small room together, trapped in between two bass-amps which where facing each other. With a tuba on electronic steroids and keyboard, à la Korg MS10, the temptation became superior, and the girls started experimenting with things they never tried before… The sound-waves hit each other hard, and made interactions between the sound sources and the musicians, making the beginning of SKRAP. Musicly inspired by bands like Sunn O))) and Streifenjunko https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skrap/236723343087096 * Oktoberdans has invited some of the finest dj's we know to make a play list for Oktobar (Visningsrommet). The contributors: Challa (Full Pupp), Kristian Stockhaus (Ungdomskulen), Trond Strømsnes Olsen (Back to Beat), Kjartan Helle (Mojo Workout), Marte Teigen (I'll buy you a husband to match your earrings), Helge Kvamme (Novelty Sounds), Kompani XU, Ira Ira (Perfect Sounds Forever), Anette Basso, ungehelgesen (HiphopBonanza) Tickets: Free with a ticket from one of today's Oktoberdans performances / 50,- OKTOBERDANS - Norges fineste dansefestival | 16.-25. oktober